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Welcome to Stock Explore’s Comic Club! - Investing is a language and this book's goal is to break down investing terms with the help of Elle, Sam, and some new friends. Throughout this book you will learn a handful of investing terms to kickstart your financial vocabulary.

***NEW - ALLOW 5-7 Days for Processing ***

“Stock Explore comics do a wonderful job of clearly combining investment concepts with engaging illustrations to allow families to learn about financial topics that have historically been less accessible. The coffee inflation example really hits close to home!” - Jason Shapiro, CFA, FRM, CAIA, Director, Consultant Relations, Columbia Threadneedle Investments

“Pictures are beautifully drawn, and the colors pop nicely. Essential financial concepts are introduced in a friendly, light and digestible manner! The "All Ages are welcome" approach of this book, means that it can be enjoyed by friends and families in their living rooms, the diverse minds in our classrooms, or from the comfort of a reading device! An enjoyable read and a great addition to the Stock Explorer Universe!" - Kweku Obed, Author of Talking About the ABCs of Financial Responsibility and Talking About the ABCs of Financial Literacy

Stock Explore’s Comic Club - Volume One



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